Commercial Lighting Atlanta


Altair offers a variety of commercial lighting options. We provide installation, service and repairs on both indoor and outdoor commercial lights. Some of our core services are listed below.

Commercial Lighting Services Include:
  • Wiring and Lighting Installation – Altair, working with its sister company, My Neighborhood Electrician, has master electricians on staff for all your electrical and lighting requirements.

  • Commercial Electrical Installation – Our lighting experts and master electricians work with you to ensure that your commercial lighting is optimal and efficient.

  • LED Lighting Solutions (retrofits & upgrades) - LED upgrades and retrofits offer substantial energy and cost savings. Altair can help you determine the best solution for your business.

  • Parking Lot Lighting – Parking lot lights are necessary for lighting and security. Altair offers both installation and repair services for parking lot lights.

  • Security and Exit Sign Lighting – Security lights and exit signs are often required based on building codes and regulations. Altair can help with installation and repair services of security lights, exit signs, timers and motion sensors.

  • Canopy Lighting – Canopy lights are large fixtures designed to effectively light a space for navigation and safety such as parking lots or gas stations. Altair’s service trucks and crane allows us to service a variety of heights and spaces.
Schedule a consultation today, to find out how Altair can enhance the personality of your business and property in Atlanta.
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