Happy Labor Day!

  • By Todd Starr
  • 30 Aug, 2017

Have a Wonderful Labor Day Holiday

Everyone here at Altair Sign & Light wishes you a wonderful Labor Day! We appreciate the opportunity to serve the local community. Thank you and enjoy!
By Todd Starr 22 Sep, 2017
Lighting is an often overlooked, underappreciated aspect of your business. In reality, the importance of having the right commercial lighting is critical. Lighting can affect sales, security, employee productivity and more. 

Here are 4 commercial lighting tips to help you make smart choices:
By Todd Starr 30 Aug, 2017
Everyone here at Altair Sign & Light wishes you a wonderful Labor Day! We appreciate the opportunity to serve the local community. Thank you and enjoy!
By Todd Starr 19 Jul, 2017
Business signs are so important when it comes to your business identity, brand and customer awareness. With all the options and types available, it can be difficult to decide on the right type of sign. A sign is a great opportunity to bring in business and drive sales. You always want to get the most out of your signage investment. Having a great sign company to advise and guide you is key to making a sound decision. You want to be sure you are creating the right sign for your business.

Here are a factors to consider before having a sign made:

1. Determine the goal(s) for your sign. Do you want your sign to just identify your location or drive sales (or both)?

2. Consider your budget. Signs can be all price ranges from $50 to thousands of dollars. Knowing your budget will help determine your options.

3. Sign design is critical. Are you working with a professional or doing your own design?

4. Consider copyright laws. Be careful not to have any copyright materials on your sign.

5. Outdoor signs/banners require sign permits. Will you need to obtain your permit or will your sign company take care of permitting?

6. Location is key. What’s the point of having a sign made if it is not visible to traffic? Ensure you are following sign ordinance laws.
By Todd Starr 29 Jun, 2017
Professional, high quality business signs are a sizable investment for many business, but well worth it if it is done right. You want to be sure you are getting all the value possible from your signage. Here are 3 signage Dont's to help you make smart choices when it come to your business sign:

1. POOR PLANNING: Poor planning can kill your signage project. From permits to budgeting, proper planning is imperative if you want your project to go smoothly. You also need to do your research and consult with professionals to decide the best type of sign(s) for your property. Start the planning well in advance of when you actually need the sign in place. 

2. IMPROPER PLACEMENT: When it comes to signs, placement is critical. Business signs need to be highly visible, preferably around the clock. No matter  how great a sign looks, if no one sees it it doesn't matter.

3. RANDOMLY PICKING A SIGN COMPANY: Choosing the right sign company is a big decision. You want to choose wisely. Some factors you want to consider are years in business, portfolio, online reviews, and location of the business. Also, find out what type of warranty and follow up service they provide. 
By Todd Starr 09 May, 2017
The Altair team wants to wish all the Moms out there a very Happy Mother's Day!! Mothers are so important and often under-appreciated. Be sure you show the all the special Mothers out there some extra attention and pampering on Mother's Day.

Here are a few local Mother's Day events in Metro Atlanta that she may enjoy as well:

Mother's Day Brunch,  Atlanta Botanical Garden in Gainesville

Mom & Me - Mother's Day Fun, Atlantic Station

Mother's Day at the Zoo, Zoo Atlanta

By Todd Starr 19 Apr, 2017
The new Suntrust Park Stadium is absolutely breathtaking. Todd Starr, the owner of Altair Sign & Light, is so proud to have played a major role in the development of the new Brave's stadium. Altair installed many of the most prominent signs at Suntrust Park, including the main gate entrance signs, the Braves Club House and the David Justice quote on the wall. 

The installation work is very impressive and shines a light on all that Altair contributes to the local Atlanta community. Read this article featured in Atlanta Jewish Times to learn more...

By Todd Starr 13 Apr, 2017
The Altair family of companies wishes you a very happy Easter. Altair Sign & Light , My Neighborhood Electrician and ASAP Signs all hope you have a wonderful holiday.  Thank you so much for all of your continued support!
By Todd Starr 23 Mar, 2017
We are so proud of the signage work we have done at the new Suntrust Park. Please take a look at some of the highlights below and check out our full Suntrust Park Gallery !
By Todd Starr 03 Feb, 2017
If you want a sign, you will need a permit. The process and fees for obtaining permits vary depending on the jurisdiction so a little investigating up front may save future delays!

Do all new signs need a permit?

Do temporary signs, such as banners or commercial real estate signs need permits?
Yes, most jurisdictions require a permit.

Do I need a permit for a sign modification?
If the modification is within weeks or days of obtaining a sign permit, probably not, but most signs require a permit. Panel exchanges for existing ground signs do not require a permit in most jurisdictions.

How do I find out sign zoning and ordinance laws?
Call the jurisdiction's planning and zoning department and provide the address or google it. For example, google: "City of Alpharetta sign ordinance."

What kind of information is required when filing for a sign permit?
  • You will need a rendering of where the wall sign will be positioned on the wall, showing length of wall and height of building. A mounting and lighting detail for the sign with all dimensions is also needed. 
  • For ground/freestanding signs, a rendering of the sign in its proposed location, a site plan to scale with dimensions from the sign to the nearest property line, a foundation plan and framing detail signed and sealed by an engineer. 
  • The sign contractor will need to provide their business license and certificate of insurance at time of submittal. Most jurisdictions require a tenant/landlord owner authorization letter allowing the sign company to pursue the sign permit on your behalf.

When do I need a site plan and how do I obtain one?
A site plan to scale is usually needed anytime you want to build a new ground or freestanding sign. To obtain a site plan, you will need to consult with a licensed civil engineer/surveyor or file an open records request with the jurisdiction where the sign is proposed. Some jurisdictions have a site plan in their archives.
By Todd Starr 06 Jan, 2017
My first experience with the integration of social media and digital signs was at my daughter’s college graduation. The big screen TV on stage promoted university programs as well as displaying real time tweets from friends and family sending congrats to the graduates.

Integrating social media with ads on a big screen and thousands of onlookers is true advertising gold. Hotels, restaurants, retailers, schools, sporting events and office spaces are promoting their digital ads with interactive social media all the time.

What are the benefits of incorporating social media with digital signs?

Potential Customers Get Involved – Involvement is key to successful marketing. You want to make sure onlookers are paying attention to your digital signs. Signs often become part of the background if they don't immediately grab your attention. By pulling social media feeds directly into your signage, you can recapture customers' attention.

Generates Content – Social media offers a source of self-generating content. Social media generated from onlookers creates on-screen content with little effort from you. Confirm with your network provider that social media filters are in place before streaming to a digital sign.

Free Marketing – In the course of guests wanting to see their posts on the big screen, you get free marketing! They are spreading your message within their social media network. All businesses love free marketing. Integrating social media on digital signs increases the probability of promoting your brand.

Channel for Feedback – It also offers up a great way to get honest feedback. Positive or negative, social media allows users to speak their mind and share their opinion. Displaying feedback on digital signs proves you value guest feedback.

The integration of digital signs and social media provides a whole new method for promoting your message!!
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